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MG Markham has been painting, drawing, and illustrating since childhood, and has been featured multiple times as an exhibiting painter at the Nashua Art Walk in Nashua, NH between 2015 and 2020.

MG Markham has worked as a branding and graphic designer since 2014 in NH and MA and is a founding partner of the design agency Brandparents Inc.

MG Markham regularly participates in community-based figure drawing, art exchanges, and creative collaborations with other visual artists and musicians.


Painting, drawing from life, illustrating and animating through charcoal on paper, acrylic on canvas, pen and & ink, and digital media mediums channel the anxiety of existing in a century where a sense of future certainty, a connection to the past, or a feeling of purpose have largely eroded. Capturing the faces and phrases of the living beings populating my life gives a sense of connection to the moment, and a visual voice to reflect back the curiosity I feel toward the nature and possible purpose and nature of conscious existence.


Being part of a creative community is one of my highest values. Planning exhibitions, organizing artistic exchanges and collaborations, participating in open studios, curating cross-disciplinary events, mentoring junior artists and designers, in addition to donating graphic design and promotional support for local artists and the studio are resources and interests that MG Markham brings to the artistic community.


MG Markham's creative process includes medium to large-scale drawing and painting, as well as digital art creation. No toxic substances are used, and no special resources are required.
Musical instruments (cello, guitar, voice, and percussion) are all part of MG Markham's creative process. No special quiet is required. A space where music can be made would be ideal.

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